About Us


The company was founded in 1965, but its roots go back farther than that. Don Dennis was working at Bethlehem Steel Corp. for 10 years or so, in the water dept. for them. He had worked himself up to be a relief foreman. He worked on the water utilities which consisted of three type of water mains. City water, Salt water, Industrial water which was recycled waste water from Baltimore City. Having realized that he could not go any further without a college degree. He got a job working for service contractor that worked on the chlorinators at the mill. After a year working for them they decided not to work in Maryland any more as they were located in New Jersey.

That when Dennis Chlorination Service was formed in 1965. Don & Sophia Dennis needed a name, so Sophia named the company for what it did, DENNIS CHLORINATION SERVICE. In 1975 Ken Dennis started working for the company. Being a family business Don & Sophie had 1 daughter and 3 sons. All three sons took turns trying out working for the Family Business but Don was a "hard teacher". Ken Dennis started working in 1975 as an apprentice, Through the years he had to learn all aspects of the company. Kens big break thru came in 1985 when he developed the mail order catalog which is still in use today. In 1993 Sophia past away and in 1996 Don Dennis sold the company to his son Ken. In 2007 we changed our name to Dennis Sales & Service, Inc. to be more representative of all the industries we service.

The company has grown in the last 50 years to include SALES, SERVICE, INSTALLATION, & TRAINING. We have given 2 different training classes to Many Rural Water Assoc. “GAS CHLORINE MAINTENANCE AND SAFTY” AND CHEMICAL METER PUMP MAINTENANCE TRAINING. The 2015 BOOK in larger then every. Dennis Sales now Represents 38 different suppliers. They have customers in the Drinking & Waste Water, Poultry Plants, Soda Bottling plants, Industrial factories Laundry recycling water, Cooling water Wash down water at Food processing, Golf course water. Paper mills. Swimming Pools, Mobil home communities, Crab Packing plants, Military base water treatment & R &D... Another specialty is Chlorination for Commercial Grower Farms, pond water, green house, iron removal.